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You want it | We'll get it.

Auto Passion Team deals with pre-owned vehicles that are in impeccable condition. Our vehicles are carefully selected in order to provide customers with a complete automotive experience at competitive prices.​

Meet the Team​

Our friendly and helpful staff members are here to meet your highest expectations. Our passion for vehicles is only the beginning. Each Auto Passion Team member maintains the highest level of honesty, integrity, and commitment to delivering excellence through service. We congratulate their loyalty and are proud to present you with the AUTO PASSION TEAM. When you meet the Auto Passion Team you will experience see a whole new way of doing business in which you are guaranteed to have a pleasant time. We commit to making your car-buying experience one that you remember fondly. When life tries to hand you a lemon you can now recognize an expensive mistake and have trustworthy friends in the auto industry to rely on for help in whatever you face.​

Here at Auto Passion Team, customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority. For this reason we have provided you with special services on our website in order to achieve such a goal. Please take advantage of our REQUEST forms so that we can help find the perfect vehicle for you.​

For any further inquiries, contact us through our Contact Us page or call us 24/7 and leave a message if we are helping customers or closed. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

Meet the Owners

Auto Passion Team operates under a dual partnership by two wonderful individuals – Fabrice Belasco and Kasey Del Toro. Collectively they both have a vast amount of experience in the auto sales business and are well known for their passion to satisfy all customers.

Fabrice Belasco is a very charismatic individual that stems from the south side of France – known as la Provence. Over the years, Fabrice has acquired management skills working for large corporations in Europe and together with his personal passion for European vehicles, makes him a great asset to the Auto Passion Team. Fabrice is very fun to work with and he always strives to make customers happy by fulfilling their desires at all times. Customers come in looking for a car and often go home with one and make a new friend too. Visit our office today and have the best automotive experience ever!

Kasey Del Toro is a charming gentleman born and raised in Southern Utah. Kasey has been known to go out of his way to help make someone’s day brighter. He established a financial solutions company in 2008 at age 23 that boomed helping many people from the negative housing crisis of 2008-2012. He talks about loving St. George and has developed outstanding relationships here with financial institutions and auto companies. One thing you’ll learn about Kasey is he has been gifted at finding solutions, he is passionate about reliable cars and helping people stay on their feet. With over nine years experience in the Automotive industry he has acquired the necessary skills to run a business efficiently. It’s a privilege to work with him and see his skills in action.

For any further inquiries, you can always contact us through our Contact Us page. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.